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Patrik Lechner's First TouchDesigner Experiment: du schimmelst ja

It was my first serious experiment with TouchDesigner 099 and obviously I was really interested in the PBR possibilities. It was really exiting to play with that and really motivating to get such beautifully shaded, seemingly tangible geometries so easily.

In this case, the audio material existed before the video (quite often I build something in TouchDesigner that waits for being used by a track). I made this track, 'du schimmelst ja' (this is German. It's a bit hard to translate but it is a somewhat surprised way of saying "you have started going mouldy".) I quite liked it and thought it would be time to do a video again, after doing many live shows recently, which where not really recorded also.

Also it was stimulating to work with this track since it has a more interesting structure than just a layering of different elements, all joining in one by one, so I tried to depict that in a way. Moreover I felt that the mixture of distorted and clean elements in the sound were exciting to visualize, especially with 099 since the PBR adds some 'cleanness' or realism, and distorting homogenous clean images is always fun!