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Overcoming modern anxiety with TouchDesigner

 The orange blossom flower was everywhere, with that wind that took it away, and then swathed it back to the blue alleys or derbs as they are called. And when its fragrance came back, as an affirmative response, the answer of a folk melody, I remembered the days of calmness.


Writing is a powerful tool, a self-discharging method to remove anxiety. So as reading, entering into the world that someone has created for you to explore. But what if, we could have the opportunity to build a part of this written, well-read world. A digital part, made out of some code and pixels, a part we can instantly see in real time, and test with a homemade analog projector. In our room, in this space that we initially started feeling trapped, full with new phobic conditions, modern fresh fears made out of the uncountable current events of this world.
My thinking of a hopeful possibility to create a piece of a world I haven't yet seen with my own eyes, a place where only books led me to discover, endorsed me to use TouchDesigner again, but now, for self-healing purposes. We, the coeval digital artists, the "overflowed" ones, who used to be "hidden", but in those last few years turned out "visible", need a place to breathe. We are seeking refuge into something that doesn't exist, yet what is made is exactly to measure.


Creating has many roads and one leads to another, with other media and methods, we have to find what best fights the uneasiness this new world is offering us. Discreetly getting into the point, I used the means of TouchDesigner to design this part of a place I had read and made me write. Moroccan tile patterns and the colour of the blue city of Chefchaouen were the main inspiration for this project.


The place is called Orange Blossomed Room. It is not a specific place nor is it positioned on a map. The Orange Blossomed Room can be any place. TouchDesigner pushed me to think and be led to this other world.
When the orange colours of dawn in the still desert come to your mind and blue words of memories in your pen, and you breathe out all the abuse of and to this world, only then you realize, that you are your only saviour to tranquility. You, the artist who paints and blemishes his hands with paint, the writer who rips pages of thoughts, you, the digital artist who creates a world of his own. A safe place of moving images and sounds where he can take shelter. Proud of the way his mind works, he can finally find peace. I had to search for the Orange Blossomed Room. It is always within us.


If you are interested on this projection, please contact me for a collaboration.
Anastasia Manou