ORCHA-103 | Interactive musical and visual installation


Hey guys!

Some friends and I recently made a LED light installation for our graduation degree at Gobelins, a French art school in Paris.
ORCHA-103 is an interactive musical and visual installation that invites its visitors to play the role of a conductor.
It aims to make electronic music creation accessible and to support cultural institutions in their reopening, by integrating a technology that respects barrier gestures with a Leap Motion sensor.

ORCHA-103 consists of an arc-shaped LED structure and a music stand. The music stand allows users to move their hand to play with the music and the visuals. They are able to record 4 different instruments such as an ambiant pad, a bass, an arpegiator and a drum track. They can go from track to track using a foot pedal. As you go along, the musical tracks are overlaid to create a song. Each track has its own light pattern. Finally, once the 4 instruments are composed, users access a 5th track that allows them to mix their whole song with different filters. All of the light patterns are also displayed on the LEDs during this 5th step.

People can then create their own musical and visual composition. To be certain that each experience is unique, we made sure that everything is modular, from the structure of the installation to the music itself. Thanks to Markov chain, the chords and notes modulate so you can't listen the music several hours without hearing the same succession of chords.
We used TouchDesigner as the brain of this project. It connects everything together such as the LEDs with MadMapper, Ableton, the Leap Motion, Arduino and it also generates visuals that we art directed beforehand.

We now try to give ORCHA-103 a second life out of school. We are looking for cultural and interactive events and places to showcase our work.

I let you enjoy the installation with our homemade teaser/demo!

We really hope you enjoyed ORCHA-103!


Minor Lazer team
Jonah Alle-Monne
Rémy Bourçois
Baptiste Lefebvre
Tristan Le Moigne
Émile Roch