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Obscura's Flying on Water

Flying on water

Interactive Projections & Educational Exhibit

Obscura creates interactive experiences that demystifies the technology and physics of sailing as they enthrall and entertain.

Barry Threw (Dir. of Software) at Obscura Digital on how TouchDesigner was used: "TouchDesigner was used for all procedural graphics, video playback, and control logic for all six sections of the Flying on Water exhibit. It allowed us to quickly develop advanced UI and effects using realtime control of 3d scenes, particles and physics.

The Flying on Water exhibits used physical hardware controllers to allow the visitors to explore the features of the AC72 Catamaran and sailing concepts in a tactile way, and TouchDesigner made the communication with these Arduino-based stations easy. There is simply no way we could quickly iterate on such a rich variety of interactive experiences in a short development time using any other available software solution."

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