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NOIZE ROOM (installation for discover of sound shape )


This project is installation for discover of sound shape.

TOUCHDESIGNER was used to model the shape of the sound.




NOIZE ROOMは、1分を身の回りに存在する音に意識をフォーカスする空間に身を委ね、普段生活の中で感じることが難しい音に潜み、浸る空間体験です。


あるときは安らぎを、あるときはノスタルジーを、様々な感情を発生させるそのノイズに身も心も浸るとき、ノイズが素材へと変わり、NOIZE ROOMを出る頃には世界に溢れる音に耳を傾けられるようになるかもしれません。


How would the sound of the world look different when viewed as a material for shaping?

The NOIZE ROOM is a spatial experience where you surrender yourself to a space where you focus your consciousness on the sounds that exist around you for a minute, and where you hide and immerse yourself in sounds that are difficult to perceive in your everyday life.

Various sounds are sometimes called noise, and our brains dismiss that information as unnecessary, but if we focus all of our senses, not just our ears, on the noise, we may be able to find meaning in the information we can perceive.

Sometimes it's comforting, sometimes it's nostalgia, sometimes it's nostalgia, when your body and mind are immersed in the noise that generates all kinds of emotions, the noise becomes material, and by the time you leave the NOIZE ROOM, you may be able to listen to the sounds that fill the world.





[Research Background]

Since auditory information, such as the sound of a baby's cry and the sound of wind blowing through a forest, has a perceptual component that generates emotions, skips context, and allows us to understand things intuitively, we started this research because there may be information that can be used as a material yet to be discovered.

In the exhibition, I would like visitors to touch the shapes created from the noise created in this research process in a space that does not rely on visual information but only on auditory and tactile information, and feel the potential for information that has not yet been fully utilized.






[What is NOIZE?]

In recent years, the digital native generation, known as Generation Z, has emerged, and they may be able to see new possibilities in the noise of the world's landscape as we have seen it in the past.

The digital native's name for the unknown material they perceive is "NOIZE"!



Plastic Native Laboratory



【映像制作】movie edit

Hiroyuki Tachikawa

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【展示協力】Exhibition Area

Shibuya QWS

FabCafe Nagoya

FabCafe Kyoto / MTRL


【研究協力】Research Collaboration

明治学院大学 犬飼圭吾研究室


【NOIZE ROOM制作協力】CNC support