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NDI AR Camera App "ZIGCAM" was released!

We have just released an app called ZIGCAM.

You can download it from here.

This is an extension of the NDI camera commonly found in iOS for AR and interactive content development.

By attaching ARKit's camera tracking information to the NDI metadata area, you can make your iPhone and iPad work as an NDI camera with camera tracking instead of a regular NDI camera.Moreover, since the NDI metadata is attached directly to the frame, there is no need to consider latency like in the Free-D protocol.

You can also attach face tracking and body tracking data as metadata, which can be used in various ways.The iPhone can also be used as a replacement for Kinect, RealSense, Mo-Sys, or Red-Spy when they are not available.

Sample code(.toe and .tox) and detailed instructions can be found here.It's still in its infancy, so I'm looking forward to your feedback.