My first instanced geometry

Building on the momentum of making my way through my very, very first noise displacement tutorial, I had a go at Polyhop's instancing geometry in TouchDesigner tutorial.

Again, you literally start with a ‘blank canvas’ and then slowly build up a network that results in a fun and visually interesting output.

My key takeaways

  • It’s possible to assemble 3D forms from various geometry with a merge SOP.
  • You can use Python expressions to access parameters e.g., scale and height of spheres at the end of the tube - super cool and efficient!
  • Split the screen to create a clear and uncluttered workspace e.g., TOP viewer, and then Display modal window, and uncheck background CHOPs.
  • Because Nulls act like a conduit, they’re great for creating space and increasing flexibility in a network - easier to swap out or experiment with inputs in a given network
  • Polyhop’s expression “moving a SOP to CHOP land” - love it!