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MUSIC turned into LIGHT and FIRED AT YOU!!

After several months of hectic schedules stubbornly refusing to line up, we finally made a break for it and met up with Toronto Star writer Ben Rayner at the Derivative office a couple of Friday nights ago. Ben had interviewed Richie Hawtin on his last visit to Toronto and decided with that article scheduled for the coming Sunday's paper that this was the time to come see for himself what "the kids at Derivative were really up to".

In one short and pleasantly informal hour that was part show and tell and part Greg Hermanovic answering Ben's keen curiosity and insightful questions the writer gave us our best press yet - hands down. By that we mean that Ben was able to get at what's not always that easy to see or describe for that matter: the details and the bigger picture. Or, what Derivative does with TouchDesigner through its many and varied projects and what the company, its members, creators and collaborators aspire to do as far as the future and the people who will be living, working and playing in it are all concerned. It's good for the kids, thank-you Ben!

Read the full article on the Toronto Star here.