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Markus Heckmann's 'untitled_vertonung' was screened this September at Zagreb's 25 fps festival in the "Jury's Choice" program alongside other works by sound and visual artists Carsten Nicolai, Mark Fell, and Rechenzentrum to name a few.

Curated by Leila Topi (the curator for video, film, photography and new media in The Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreg) the program "What You See is What You Hear" was described as "Digitally processed music for the eyes. A new breed of audio-visual artists leading double lives of filmmakers and performers." untitled_vertonung is a beautiful piece that is perfectly described by this definition which is also a pretty good description of the prolific Heckmann.

From the 25fps catalogue: untitled_vertonung is a meditative and visually seductive perspective on relations between more traditional artistic genres, such as painting and digital art. The work reveals an encounter of organic, "painted" forms and barcode similar to lines sprouting from these organic forms. "Vertonung" can be translated as "setting to music", and it was made based on the scanned paintings of Rui Pimenta, made especially for this project, processed afterwards in real-time by Heckmann. Sound by Sherry Kennedy.