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Making Animated GIFs with TouchDesigner

If your daily browsing includes websites like Giphy (or one of the similar GIF hosting/searching/sharing sites), Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, forums or a good old blog, then you’re no stranger to the GIF image format.Let’s say that you’ve just made a super cool visual in TouchDesigner and are interested in sharing it on one of the above sites as a GIF. If you’ve spent any time with TouchDesigner, you’re probably thinking: I bet I could use TouchDesigner to export GIFs, right?Well, you’d be partially right — TouchDesigner does indeed include the ability to export GIFs natively. However, it is limited in its GIF creation capability and not necessarily the best method for turning your amazing generative graphics into GIFs to share with the world. In this article, we’ll dive into your options for turning your TouchDesigner visuals into GIFs.

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