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Lygia-TD Release v1.0.0

This post announces the release of LygiaTD. A native port of Ligya Shader Library. Another one? I know... keep reading for the differences.

Kudos to the original developers both Patricio Gonzalez Vivo for the original source and LEITHBA for the original LYGIA FOR TOUCHDESGINER library.


This library is a statically built version of the library ~ and hence no internet connection is needed for file resolution during runtime.
his version uses TouchDesigner's native include resolution mechanism for all the library's #include.
The provided 
.tox file bundles all the files from the original libraries with modified paths and compliant names for it to work inside TouchDesigner.


Shortly after the original library's release v1.0.0 a TouchDesigner version of it was published here by LeithBA.

While the library works perfectly fine, it uses runtime web resolution for the files, which then makes having an internet connection available a requirement, on top of the overhead of such resolutions.

On the other hand TouchDesigner has native include resolution at it's core, and for that reason I decided to bundle a native version of the library.