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LIGHTfaktor's Atolla Chandelier for Top Golf

This decorative chandelier located in the lobby stairwell of Top Golf Flagship in Las Vegas, NV at the MGM Grand, consist of 26 suspended LED Rings (white light LED's) with 17 strands of RGB LED pixel hanging through the LED rings.

The fixture is over 32 feet tall and is meant to provide more than just ambient lighting, as its equipped with 5 motion sensing sonar cameras and a direct audio feed, making it capable of interactive motion and audio effects. The fixture and system was designed by Wes Lane and fabricated by his team at LIGHTfaktor. TouchDesigner programming and sensor integration was handled by team member Daniel Schafer.

The fixture uses 6 universes of DMX and is controlled via Artnet by a remote rack mount server running a combination of TouchDesigner and Madrix. Madrix controls the pixels and the audio animation of the pixels. TouchDesigner interfaces with the sonar sensors, audio, and controls the performance of LED rings as well as the audio and motion response effects of the rings.

Through midi commands, TouchDesigner tells Madrix how to respond to motion data collected from the sonar sensors. The fixture has user selectable modes of operation, accessed via iPad, using the TouchOSC app. Basically we give the user the ability to control both the pixels and the rings by triggering cue list and scenes.

The cuelist are differentiated by the type of cues they contain. There are three basic types:

  • Ambient - ambient color effects (pixels) / static and subtle fades (rings).
  • Sound - audio responsive color and pixel animation effects (pixels) / audio responsive sweeps, pulsing, and fading of the 4 zones of rings.
  • Motion - motion sensing people detection of the 5 sonar cameras allows motion responsive pixel effects (pixels) / motion responsive pulsing, and fading of the 4 zones of rings.

See Electrical Drawings.


Fixture Dimensions: 60" wide x 32' tall


Frame – Stainless Steel Square Pipe

Canopy Cover – aluminum w/ brushed silver finish


LED Rings – aluminum with brushed anodized finish w/ acrylic diffuser

LED Rings in 2 sizes:

1500mm rings - qty 10

1000mm rings - qty16,

3528 SMD Osram strips 3000k

Powered by 4 Meanwell drivers -HLG-240H-24A

17 STRANDS LED Golf Ball Pixels

LED 50mm Golf Ball Pixels - DC15V input, 4SMD 5050 leds, MAX 0.9W, Max 41 units as a string, pitch=240mm, clear housing, milky white cable

8 strands @ 40 pixels

9 strands @ 41 pixels

Powered by 5 Meanwell drivers -HLG-185H-15A


5 x I2CXL-MaxSonar®- EZTM Series High Performance Sonar Rangefinder MB1212 - Wide and sensitive beam pattern, motion sensing people detection

2 x OSEPP Uno R3 Plus Board - 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller running at 16 MHz


MADRIX LUNA 8 - Artnet Node /8x DMX-OUT

19" 2U Rackmount PC - Intel® 6th Gen Core i7/i5/i3, 2.70GHz Intel Core i5-6400 'Skylake' Processor with 4 cores, 6MB of Intel® Smart Cache, and Intel® Turbo Boost Technology (up to 3.60GHz) - 65W TDP, H110 Chipset; 8GB DDR4 2133MHz Non-ECC RAM (2 x 4GB DIMMs), Nvidia GT720 Video Card, 1TB Western Digital 3.5" SATA3 HDD 7200 RPM, LAN, VGA + DVI-D + HDMI Video, 12 x USB*


MADRIX BASIC SOFTWARE LICENSE - Pixel mapping and effect generator

TouchDesigner 088