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Introducing TDBitwig

TDBitwig is a set of TouchDesigner components that allow for communication between Bitwig Studio and TouchDesigner enabling users to create custom audio-visual performances by integrating real-time visuals with live audio output. 

With TDBitwig, TouchDesigner can control Bitwig Studio parameters, such as tempo, track properties, clip launching, and device parameters. TouchDesigner can also connect to a wide array of hardware controllers for live performances and show control supported by Bitwig. Conversely, Bitwig Studio can also control TouchDesigner parameters for creating tightly integrated audio and visuals.

Bitwig artists can extensively interface with a wider range of systems through TouchDesigner. Controlling TouchDesigner, Bitwig can operate as an advanced show controller for live theatre, environmental experiences and music performances.

TDBitwig is a powerful tool that enables the creation of generative, immersive audio-visual performances and installations by combining the real-time audio processing capabilities of Bitwig Studio with the real-time 3D rendering capabilities of TouchDesigner.

With its ability to generate audio visual effects simultaneously, TDBitwig empowers artists to craft complex and captivating experiences that seamlessly blend sound and visual.

Bitwig was founded in 2009 in Berlin by four people who envisioned a digital-audio workstation (DAW) that's reliable, innovative, and makes helpful suggestions… and then gets out of the way. That was the idea behind the launch of Bitwig Studio in 2014. Bitwig’s  mission — to create a fun and creative DAW that thinks outside the box — has earned numerous awards and made Bitwig Studio the audio program of choice for musicians, sound designers, composers, film scorers, and artists from various fields.

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For a more in-depth explanation of TDBitwig and a description of allTDBitwig components please visit the TDBitwig User Guide.

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