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Introducing TDBitwig - Bridging TouchDesigner and Bitwig

Bitwig Studio is a powerful DAW (digital audio workstation), live music performance tool and show controller. TDBitwig is a family of TouchDesigner components that communicate between TouchDesigner and Bitwig Studio, simplifying workflow and expanding artists' ability to create complex and captivating audio-visual-sensory experiences. 
Watch the video demo of TDBitwig with Mark Hashimoto and Jarrett Smith at the TouchDesigner Berlin Roundtable.

With TDBitwig, most of Bitwig's data can flow into TouchDesigner. Bitwig Studio can control parameters and virtually anything in TouchDesigner. At the same time, TouchDesigner can control Bitwig Studio parameters such as effects, tempo, track properties, clip launching, and device parameters. TouchDesigner can connect to the numerous audio-centric hardware controllers supported by Bitwig. 

There are ten TDBitwig component types, each for a different structure in Bitwig. For example, the Track component would be replicated, one Track component for each track in a song or composition. A Track component receives data from Bitwig that is presented as parameters or UI elements, but it also contains the parameter user interface to remote control back to Bitwig. TDBitwig components would be replicated for songs, clips, clipslots, notes, remotes.

TDBitwig enables a solo artist or collaborating artists to think more freely when designing and building all aspects of an audio visual performance or experience.

Through TDBitwig, Bitwig artists gain access to a wide range of capabilities, tools, devices and protocols available in TouchDesigner, and most significantly, the contributions of components and tools from the TouchDesigner user community.

Bitwig was founded in 2009 in Berlin by four people who envisioned a digital-audio workstation (DAW) that's reliable, innovative, and makes helpful suggestions… and then gets out of the way. That was the idea behind the launch of Bitwig Studio in 2014. Bitwig’s  mission — to create a fun and creative DAW that thinks outside the box — has earned numerous awards and made Bitwig Studio the audio program of choice for musicians, sound designers, composers, film scorers, and artists from various fields.

For information about Bitwig, see Bitwig Studio.

For an in-depth explanation of TDBitwig and its TouchDesigner components, see TDBitwig User Guide.

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Chief Designer for TDBitwig was Jarrett Smith, programmer Mark Hashimoto, architect advisor/co-dev Ivan DelSol.