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The Interactive & Immersive Championship Results!

The Interactive & Immersive Championship was the first ever eSports event for TouchDesigner developers and it has finally come to an end this weekend. The event had 29 competitors who had to conceive and build beautiful TouchDesigner art live on-the-fly on Twitch for the chance of winning thousands of dollars in prizes. The competitors didn’t know any of the challenges before we started the events, which made for a lot of creative thinking on a tight timeline. The final round had competitors building amazing data visualizations using UFO data and creating art in the style of their favourite artists. After it was all said and done, we had our final point standings and the winners were announced. Ori Ben-Shabat, Dylan Roscover, and Ginger Leigh walked away as our first, second, and third place winners! It was an exciting event! Let’s dive into a few of the winning artists and the works from the second round!

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