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HALO: REACH light sculpture built with TOUCHDESIGNER and a KUKA ROBOT

TouchDesigner was recently used to capture the imagination of millions of Halo fans around the world by building a light sculpture in honor of the members of Noble Team. In the build up to the worldwide release of Halo:Reach, fans were able to choose a point of the sculpture to illuminate through an interactive website (

This point was then plotted in real 3D space using a Kuka KR140 robot. TouchDesigner was used to collect the millions of light points plotted by the robotic arm into a final light sculpture forming a monument of the Spartans of Noble Team.

Jeff Linnell, co-founder of the San Francisco based Autofuss, an interdisciplinary design studio that focuses on motion design, animation and live action designed the project. Linnell found TouchDesigner to be the perfect tool with which to drive the robotic arm in real time to produce an interactive 3D light-sculpture made up of over 54000 different points of light as part of a viral campaign for the game Halo: Reach.

Linnell says here that TouchDesigner "can be thought of as Photoshop in real time - or After Effects in real time if you're a compositor - so you can do visual effects in real time on the fly. It's very very exciting Technology."

And the result is very spectacular - have a look and read more about it in Wired.