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The Interactive Bulb project is an installation designed to mark the 50th anniversary of Italy's largest power company by displaying their photographic archive in a very novel manner.

The interactive module allows the visitors to explore the company’s visual history via a screen displaying a set of polaroid images arranged in a temporal sequence. Controling the timeline and interacting with the screen happens by rotating the physical bulb.

As with all of Glasspiel's interactive work this latest offering is smart and economical in design - i.e. simplification works best. Also true to form, there is a playful and tactile quality to this piece that very much appeals to human nature - you really do want to reach out, touch it and interact.

Glasspiel tells us:

"When we make installations that have to be in use for a long time, we design software and use techniques that have to be easy and most reliable. The installation was disassembled, transported and reassembled in different locations, and put into operation by unskilled personnel. The funny thing about this project was that we were looking for a method even simpler than Arduino to control the bulb. In fact, we needed a simple rotation system and we thought of a classic video game "Arkanoid", remember the joystick knob?. Perfect! We have and found this joystick. With some "tips and tricks", it is automatically recognized by Windows as the X axis of a mouse. TouchDesigner did the rest!"

There is much more to see at Glasspiel's Facebook page and follow on their blog Below are some of our favourite recent projects by the talented team.

Glasspiel - Carbon Capture Storage - Interactive Model

Carbon Capture and Storage is an innovative technology that allows the capture of CO2 from the gas of industrial plants to store it safely and permanently. To show the operation and effectiveness of the system, we decided to illustrate all stages of the process by implementing a plastic model with an interactive screen.The model placed on top of the monitor (HD TV 65 inch + multitouch infrared frame) is integrated with its natural environment made in 3D animation. In correspondence with the various components of the plant are inserted interactive buttons which illustrate the system. The model is made in transparent perspex and the application is developed with TouchDesigner.

Visual Programming: Glasspiel

3D Animation: Studio Aira

Reverse Osmosis: Interactive Installation

How can data coexist indicating that Rome is one of the greenest European city, and at the same time, a city with the highest number of cars per person? Contradictions like this pervade those who live here. Feelings of love and hate that alternate wildly. The city as an organic system, in this continuous osmosis finds its balance. A sterile mimicry, a self-defense that does not bring a benefit, but a chaos that confuses and makes indifferent.

"Reverse Osmosis" is an interactive installation where the video mapping on the sculpture is controlled by the Leap Motion sensor. The generative audio and the visual programming has been created with TouchDesigner. The sculpture is made by Paolo Garau using parts of abandoned cars.

The interactive installation was created for the exhibition "This is Rome" (20-21 November 2013 Rome). Two days of art, music and installations which was attended by over 10,000 people.