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Get The Mini-Degree Program for Immersive Design, Creative Technology, and TouchDesigner Professionals

Do you want to create stadium visuals, interactive art installations, and multi-story projection mapping projects, but don’t know where to start?

Are you working in a traditional media field like graphic design, computer animation, or the performing arts, but want to explore the cutting-edge intersection of art and technology?

Or perhaps you already work in the interactive tech and immersive media industry, but feel like you’ve hit a ceiling, and don’t know how to progress to a position where you have more creative control?

In any case, your problem is the same…

And that’s that there’s no clear path to becoming a serious professional in the interactive technology and immersive media industry.

Until now.

Introducing The Immersive Design and Creative Technology Mini-Degree.

Spanning over 60 hours, our “mini-degree” program is taught by some of the best in our industry, including Elburz Sorkhabi, Matthew Ragan, Josue Ibanez, and a host of high-level pros.

We’ll take you on a journey through art and new media history and trends, storytelling for interactive technology, and foundational design and prototyping concepts.
You’ll then move onto beginner and advanced TouchDesigner skillsets, important tools like Notch, Blender, and Unreal, and fundamental audio concepts and techniques for immersive designers.
Everything culminates with modules on how to land your dream gig or start a studio or freelance practice.
We know how hard it can be starting out and andvancing in our industry.
That’s why we created The Immersive Design and Creative Technology Mini-Degree!
Once you finish the program, you’ll have the tools and resources you need to work as an in-demand professional and achieve your full creative potential in the interactive tech and immersive media industry.