Company Post from Ali Phi


Ali Phi: real-time visuals, processed guitar sounds

Sohrab Motabar: real-time audio coding

Sina Shoaie: real-time music

Hauntingly beautiful real-time audiovisual performance from Ali Phi aka Elamaun (real-time visuals, processed guitar sounds), Sohrab Motabar (real-time audio coding) and Sina Shoaie (real-time music).

Ali tells us: Generatrix, dictionaries say, refers to a point, line or surface whose motion generates a line, surface, or solid. Apart from the common forms - minimal, fully computer-processed audiovisual performances, the performance before you has tried to make use of previous techniques to depict the concepts of creation from the beginning in four episodes: formation, completion, anxiety and change.

In this performance, Sohrab Motabar will make use of codification techniques of sound synthesis & audio coding, combined with the processed sounds of regional Iranian music presented by Sina Shoaei, and processed electric guitar sounds of Ali Phi (also on visuals) to present the piece. All sounds and changes will be produced and performed in real-time upon the structure of the songs.

The images thus produced rely on the frequency change of the sounds and midi data from musicians by Ali Phi, controlled and created based on particle generating systems, the basic system for formation of existence.

In the first episode, we will see particle trails pictured out of hexagonal changes in nowhere.

The second episode will be about virtual formation of superficial rising and falling layers resulting from the change in the sounds.

The third episode - or anxiety - will be the rerun of images on the scenes from formation of existence taken from Adaption by Charlie Kaufman with vague image noises.

And in the fourth episode, change, we will enter a scene of creation in various fields with virtual discipline.

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