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fractoid 2.1

Direction: Gabriel Pulecio (Lustix), Mike Russek (1028 Designs) 

Sound Design: Sam Pool (SPL)

Fractoid is a kinetic, interactive, projection-mapped sculpture by artists Gabriel Pulecio and Michael Russek. TouchDesigner is both the heart and brains of Fractoid. From the conversion of data to enabling the use of sequenced frame by frame 8 bit animation to create the patterns and messages on the LED MIDI controller. How is works: A sequence of events, or combos input by the user will trigger more complex movies. That is: 12 keys trigger 12 movies, but when 4 buttons of the same color are pressed it creates a COMBO (which is a longer movie) and when the user gets all 3 combos, BAM Fractoid rotates changing into totally new form and graphic style. TouchDesigner was key at the moment of adding variation to the pre-rendered movies, composting pre-rendered videos being triggering in real-time by the users, with procedural native 3D renders from TouchDesigner as shadows, reflections maps, etc. TouchDesigner is also controlling the step motors via Arduino.

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