The project "Essay about Concrete" created by engineer &  audiovisual artist Hernan Roperto was presented on the façade of the FIESP building in São Paulo, Brazil, as part of the FILE 2022 electronic art festival in the LED Show category.

The FIESP building, an iconic place with a brutalist architecture presents a fusion of concrete with steel and has a facade that consists of a series of LED lights arranged in a structure that resembles a metal network, with LED lights embedded in nodes

The facade of the building allows experimenting with lighting and color, creating a wide range of visual effects. 

The project "Essay about Concrete"  seeks to reflect on the oversaturation of the images to which we are currently exposed and is inspired by the manifestos postulated by Latin American artists of the Concrete Art of the mid-20th century , an artistic movement characterized by the use of geometric shapes and flat colors.


The simple geometric forms presented in the project were generated using computational algorithms, following a system of rules in order to adapt the ideas of Concrete Art to current media and digital language. 


The software used to generate the visuals was Touchdesigner.

Touchdesigner is the main tool with which Hernan has been working and experimenting for several years and which allowed him to generate random sequences of minimalist geometric shapes presented in the video. 

 "Essay about Concrete" is a work that explores the relationship between light, pictorial art and architecture. It’s a visual exploration of how light interacts with geometry. 


As light moves through the structure, it creates a hypnotic and abstract effect that plays with the viewer’s perception.


The use of LED lights allows for experimentation with lighting and color, creating a wide range of visual effects. 

The project serves as a reminder of how past artistic movements can be reinterpreted into contemporary works of art.

The exhibition at the FILE festival was an opportunity for the public to experience and participate in a broader conversation about the role of art in public space and the interaction between technology and culture.


For more information about the "Essay on Concrete" project, visit the FILE festival website at

About Hernan Roperto:



Hernán Roperto is an Argentine engineer and audiovisual artist who works at the intersection of science, technology and art. 

His work addresses the aesthetics and technical aspects of sound visualization, generative processes, computational algorithms, geometric abstraction and data transformation processes. 

Since 2008 he works as a Vj and Audiovisual Artist participating in different events and accompanying with visuals different bands, DJs and musicians on multiple stages.


He specializes in projection design, video mapping, creative programming and real-time visuals.


His projects have been exhibited in different International Festivals such as FILE (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Live Performance Meeting (Rome, Italy), Mutek Argentina, Creative Coding Festival (New York, USA), Pleamar (Mar del Plata, Argentina), EVAAF Visual Art & Audio Fest (Bilbao) among others.