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Discussion About Jobs and Freelancing For TouchDesigner Artists

If you are just starting out as a TouchDesigner artist/developer (or really at any point in your career) the Music Hackspace Meetup in June focussing on Jobs and Freelancing for TouchDesigner Artists is an excellent resource that is very much worth a viewing.

The 2 hour program features a panel discussion between TouchDesigner artists with extensive and diverse experience working in the creative industries, namely: Crystal Jow, Daniel Molnar aka Function Store, Torin Blankensmith and Nima Gazestani, moderated by meetup host Bileam Tschepe aka elekktronaut. The panelists candidly share their insights, tips, and strategies for finding jobs, building a freelance career, and navigating the unique challenges and opportunities within this field with plenty of annecdotes, and address questions from the YouTube attendees.

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