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From October 3 to Sunday October 11, Toronto's Median Contemporary Gallery, (1142 Queen St West) shows 10 light and video-based art pieces, of which three are produced with TouchDesigner.

On October 3 for Nuit Blanche, Derivative's Markus Heckmann and Greg Hermanovic performed their individual brands of live visuals on the rooftop adjoining the Median gallery, a part of Median's all-night show/opening of light and video-based art in the gallery.

Among the three TouchDesigner gallery pieces, Markus Heckmann describes Datachart as "a collection of random datasets pressed into the shape of a recognizable pattern". Audio for Datachart is produced by Sherry Kennedy.

Also on show will be new work from the internationally acclaimed filmmaker, motion designer, and spatial reconstructionist Scott Pagano. The work on display will be part of the visuals Scott designed using TouchDesigner for his and Speedy J's Umfeld project.

Derivative's Rob Bairos will be unveiling the next-gen of his enfant terrible :) "Total Internal Reflection", the classic 1940's oscilloscope resuscitated from the depths of obscurity (Rob's parents' basement). Ingeniously interfaced with an iPod shuffle it displays imagery processed with TouchDesigner's new image to audio-signal conversion techniques to persuasively convey the eerie impression of being a little too observant and canny. The green-eyed relation of another mono-orbed computing rogue - you could say. These bad boys sell like hot-cakes so be sure to check it out now.