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Coordinate: Open Source Project Proposal

Hello everyone,

Coordinate a is project I started a few years ago with the idea of both meanings behind the name. Basically it's a tool involving all things relating to coordinates in N-dimensional space (mostly 3d...). Particle dynamics, fluid dynamics, distant fields, vector fields, volumetric rendering, raymarching, attractors/flame fractals (3d), 3d reaction diffusion, particle/geo->voxel->particle etc...

The other meaning is the idea that multiple people could/would be involved and would coordinate on it's development. Long story short I got caught up with other projects/work and never took it further than it's initial phase. Although I learned the hard way with Luminosity that releasing software is no joke and a serious commitment I thought maybe an open source collaboration could be started now with Coordinate if there are people will to take the reigns. If there is anyone willing (and capable: must have a certain skill level in TD, linear ag etc..) I would be open for discussion on how to create a public repository and open source project with the current code and tools in the Coordinate private repo. We would need multiple people including some willing to be managers (doing PR merges etc...) Here are some clips I recorded a few years ago with the current Coordinate project. Below is playlist to some videos each of which display a different aspect of the current system.


If you are interested in taking part please let me know!