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Computer Security for TouchDesigner Pros??

You might be thinking to yourself "Why are we talking about computer security? This is supposed to be about TouchDesigner and interactive tech and immersive media!" The truth of the matter is simple, in this industry we end up working with a lot of big companies with a lot of information they don't want out in the public. This could be something as simple as some plans written inside of a PDF for an upcoming event you're working on to more sensitive materials such as unreleased content from popular shows. Whatever the case may be, the reality is that if you end up being the cause of information or asset leaks, it doesn't matter if you meant it or not, you could be in some serious legal trouble.

So on that dark note, I put together some easy things you can do to heighten your security and make sure you can avoid those situations and many other terrible situations all together (like having your emails hacked, bank accounts hacked, social media accounts taken over, servers used for bitcoin mining, etc). Let's dive in!

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