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COVID19 Community Check-in, Resources, What's in Development & Let's Talk!

It has been an inconceivably disruptive couple of months for all, as around the world we faced lockdown and experienced social isolation and physical distancing due to the COVID19 pandemic. With the restrictions put in place to try to stop the spread of the virus most of us have experienced massive changes in our lives and livelihoods from schools being shutdown to the loss of jobs, contracts, shows, events, conferences, collaborations and residencies. Our industry was well described as the FOLI industry “First Out, Last In” by satis&fy CEO, Nico Ubenauf.


And yet throughout these last months it's been impressive and bolstering to see how this collective experience has manifested in our community, and how our "sense of community" kicked in at the onset to take care of each other and to work collaboratively.

YOU - our community have demonstrated in spades, your natural, and arguably supernatural abilities in responding to a very difficult situation by producing so much content... by sharing your knowledge, by talking and listening to each other online, by helping strangers and friends alike... in hyper-real-time and 24/7 a friend is always online ready to help!

A look through your tremendous resource that is the Derivative Community Page and comparing the number of posts from January to April 2020 shows that posts are up 5x in March and April from previous months. 

Check out the new additions here...


Awesome ASSETS

Our community has never been stronger or more prolific and we think the world of you for this. 
And while it's impossible to keep track of all the streaming activity which includes online workshops, streamed work sessions, round tables, performances, BedroomLiveOut, and even a Saving the World Conference, this page started back in March is a very good indication of what's been going on. 
Check out upcoming streams and archived videos here TOUCHDESIGNER ONLINE EVENTS WHILE FLATTENING THE CURVE = WIN/WIN

For more timely talks and workshops from community luminaries go to the TouchDesigner Youtube channel to check out all the new videos we’ve posted from TouchDesigner Summit Talks and Workshops.

Summit Talks Playlist

Summit Workshops Playlist

And more coming!

more touch + more tools

As a company we've been reacting to all of this ourselves and adapting in the ways we hope will be most helpful to our community's continued health and flourishment. This manifests in terms of developing and making accessible the tools that are most useful right now and looking towards the future. For example in early April we made the NDI TOP available in the Non-Commercial version of TouchDesigner to enable everyone with an easy way to stream from TouchDesigner and to broadcast to social media platforms.
With the addition of RTMP as a mode for the Video Stream Out TOP, we've added the most widely adopted protocol for streaming to services such as Facebook, Twitch , Mixer and YouTube.
Here's a preview of what's actively in development right now:
  • SRT and HLS streaming input
  • wrnchAI body tracking (next Offical)
  • We are working hard to bring you our graphics engine in Vulkan.
  • Particle MAT for better particle rendering
  • a new .toe and .tox file format that works with Git
  • UI overhaul 
  • Cloning and Immuning improvements
  • Network Comments and Grouping
  • a full suite of examples for Custom OPs
  • more in the works


2 weeks ago, on MayDay to be precise -  we launched TouchDesigner InSession, an online "open office" of sorts and something we'd been talking about doing for a very long time but never had - well, the time! You can watch our first attempt above but TouchDesigner InSession is a streamed event where up to 3 community members have access to Derivative staff to review their projects, workflow and best-practices. The idea is of course to help people with their work but it is also intended to be an instructive engagement with the rest of the community watching the stream and learning from (or assisting in some cases), the TouchDesigner developers.

To learn more and submit your project read more here



We're listening but we'd like to know more about what you're experiencing and what you've been identifying as your needs. What are your ideas and plans? No matter how crazy they sound, tell us about them! 

We've started a thread on forum for this purpose and hope you will join us there to discuss and brainstorm what we need going forward in looking ahead to potential futures.

Your Derivative Team