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Choosing the Right Projector for Projection Mapping in TouchDesigner

In this video, Elburz provides the tools you need to choose the right projector for your project, on a budget you can afford.

When looking at projectors for projection mapping, there are a TON of specs to consider, and it can often feel like the "good" projectors are out of your price range.

Elburz talks with JP about all the different specifications you should look for when buying a projector for projection mapping such as resolution, brightness, throw ratios, and more.

We talk about the trade offs that you can make for specifications to get the most bang for buck, and which brands will serve you best depending on your situation.

Elburz also highlights a few traps to watch out for when buying a new projector, such as the infamous 4K input specs.

To wrap it up, we discuss some common tools you'll need in TouchDesigner to get the most out of your projector when it comes to projection mapping, and where you can find a free workshop to get started quickly and easily.