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Bryant Place (also known as the visual artist/creative technologist CPU) was recently in residence at Derivative HQ to beef up his TouchDesigner skills, show us the ropes with the Jazzmutant Lemur, and be the first to try out Ableton's Max for Live to TouchDesigner via OSC - and all this in 2 weeks!

He even found the time for a side trip to Miami where he performed for Heineken. Bryant is based in LA where he VJ's at the infamous Droid Behavior parties and has performed live visuals for artists including the Black Eyed Peas, HARD parties,and Carl Cox.

video credits Lemur OSC Touch Designer 077 from CPU on Vimeo

Update Dec.22.09: Bryant recently shared these work-in-progress videos produced while working with the Derivative development team. The first provides a few examples and some discussion surrounding the Touch environment and Lemur data OSC integration and the second gives a brief overview of Ableton's Max for Live to TouchDesigner via OSC. Have a look, very informative.

video credits JazzMutant Lemur and Derivative's Touch Designer 077 from CPU on Vimeo
video credits Max for Live and Touch Designer 077 from CPU on Vimeo

Update Jan.11.10: Bryant's been busy again! The following video is an unedited audio-visual performance by CELL + CPU live from LA this past weekend. Wicked beats and visuals, enjoy!

video credits CELL + CPU demo uncut Jan. 9th 2010 from CPU on Vimeo

Update Jan.18.10: More visual spectacle from Bryant/CPU, this time with Richard Devine at the WHAM BAM THANK YOU AFTERHOURS presented by Friendly Integration, Electronic Creatives and Droid Behavior last Friday.

video credits Richard Devine Live @ NAMM AfterParty - 2010 Visuals by CPU from Richard Devine on Vimeo

 See more of Bryant's work here.