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Broadcasting to Social Media from TouchDesigner

Hey TouchDesigner community, 

We at Derivative are looking for better ways to get a TouchDesigner TOP with audio outputting to streaming social media services such as YouTube, Zoom, Slack, Skype and more. The NDI video streaming protocol is part of the Non-Commercial version, available for anyone to use.

Here’s how you can use an NDI stream to send directly from a TOP to Skype. Follow these directions and it should be easy to figure it out with any other streaming / hangout application.

NOTE:  As of May 18 2020 this approach works on both Windows 10 and Mac OS.  Follow these instructions for Windows but the general process will be analogous on Mac OS.  

Step 1 - Install NDI Tools.

First you need to download NDI Tools 4.0.  For this link - - and scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • Download and install NDI Tools. 
  • From the Windows Start Menu locate the newly installed NDI 4.0 Tools and run the Virtual Input application.


Step 2 - Install and setup the latest desktop version of Skype.

Ensure you have installed the desktop version of the Skype application. There is also a version that comes from the Microsoft Windows Store which looks like the desktop version but it will not work.    

  • Open the settings control panel for Skype and locate the Audio & Video section.


  • In the Camera settings area, locate the device drop menu and select the “NewTek NDI Video” device.

  • You can continue to use the standard microphone settings for talking.

Step 3 - Connect TouchDesigner to NDI Virtual Input.

TouchDesigner will connect to the NewTek NDI Video driver in Skype through the NDI Virtual Input application.  

  • Download, install and start the latest official TouchDesigner.

  • If you have a camera device connected to the computer, put down a “Video Device TOP”.  If you don’t have a Video Capture Device you can use a Movie TOP or whatever you want to generate visual content.

  • Connect an “NDI Out TOP”. The default settings are fine. It will automatically generate an NDI Stream called TouchDesigner.  You can rename it to whatever you want if you like.


  • Next ensure NDI Virtual Input application is running.  The application runs with only an icon that is available in the hidden icons area of the Windows taskbar.


  • Right click on the NDI Virtual Input icon - a popup menu will appear with an item submenu labelled with your computer name.

  • Now when you go to the Skype video camera controls you should see the TouchDesigner feeding directly into Skype.