TDWatchdog is a simple Python script that can handle logging and status for the installations.


The main program window

TouchDesigner component for script communication

  • Ping every (how often it should send a ping to the watchdog server)
  • Reset errors (it would reset the error count if the installation is running without errors)
  • Max errors (how many errors can the installation have before it stops send ping)



  1. Download the release
  2. Start TDWatchdog.exe to launch the app
  3. Modify settings.json to configure the application settings.
  4. Utilize the TD folder for the TouchDesigner component, which facilitates script communication. This component can be customized based on the installation's status, such as checking sensors or local errors.


  • Reads settings and launches the application with specified arguments.
  • Automatically restarts the application if no ping is received.
  • Restarts the system if the application error count exceeds the maximum limit.
  • Adds or removes itself from system startup.
  • Provides robust logging of application status.

Planned Features

  • Monitoring multiple applications.
  • Remote system management (start, reboot, shutdown).
  • Remote system monitoring.
  • Integration with APIs for online status reporting (e.g., PM2).

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