Wallin Pattern Generator

Wallin Pattern Generator is as the name suggests, a pattern generator - primarily intended for LED walls. However its uses exceed test patterns alone and it can generate patterns for many uses, and, can even be used as an interactive tool for drawing. The goal of Wallin PG was to be able to generate single-image, interactive, test patterns for large screens like those of LED volumes. It has successfully produced 26K x 5K test patterns on GTX 3080.

  • Wallin PG has three pattern modes, unary (mono,) binary (duo,) ternary (trios.)
  • Each modes tile(s) can be customized with alpha-numeric text overlays, and a logo overlay - and all can be colored as prefered along with other prefrences.
  • Each tile can also be overwritten with a custom input design, per tile, as well as the logo overlay. (see example .toe)
  • All tiles can be turned on and off individually by right-clicking to remove and left-clicking to restore a tile. You can also hold down either mouse button to "paint" tiles in or out.
  • Middle mouse wheel will zoom the UI in and out, and holding middle mouse will allow you to pan. Press H to recenter.
  • There is an optional overlay grid with screen name, resolution, and circle to ensure aspect ratios.
  • While it would be possible to live output, this is not the only way, therefore once you are happy with your design -- there is also the ability to save it as a .PNG.

Look forward to Wallin Screen Generator in the near future -- a tool which will accompany Wallin PG that can export customizable screen geometry along side your test patterns.