I'm pleased to present the updated version of my Unwrapper COMP.

Through a revolutionary approach, I've managed to translate SOP to TOP without the necessity of utilizing CHOP. Within the rendering framework, there's a feature enabling the customization of values directly from the render pipeline.

By default, what's derived from SOP is seamlessly read by the GLSL material. I've specifically coded P, N, and vertex ID into textures.

Allow me to provide a brief rundown of the parameters:

  • Get data: Allows a one-time display of the necessary data.
  • Attach a null TOP and activate the viewer to ensure thorough cooking.
  • Stream: Constantly retrieves data from the SOP context, beneficial if recording this data or modifying the SOP on-the-go.

Given our focus on points, I've aimed to store all relevant data at that level, hence the final three toggles:

  • Compute normal: Calculates normals at the point level, overwriting any existing N values.
  • Compute tangent: Generates tangents.
  • MikkTspace: Sometimes facilitates improved normals in the render, contingent upon your geometry's primitive type.


I made a little video to show how Unwrapper 2.0 works in a complex 3d enviroment:


Here you can find the scene used in the video :