UI Theme 1.0

UI Theme is a component to style in bulk the basic widgets provided by Touch Designer.
More often than not, I found myself repeating the same actions in order to style the default settings for the Basic Widgets, like setting the Background Alpha to 0 or its  Horizontal Mode to Fill .
With this component you can load and preview the Basic Widgets provided by Touch Designer. It allows you to create a theme that can be applied to the selected widgets or to a selected component containing widgets. The best part about the way that it sets the parameters is that it doesn't use references, binds or exports.It's not a tool build for runtime, but rather something that you can drop at any of your projects and create a consistent styling for your UI elements, something that I struggled myself to accomplish before.
For the future I am building a preset system that would allow you to load themes into the tool, making it even more flexible and easier to work with.
For a sneak peak of what's possible you can see this preview:
UI Theme 1.0 - Preview
And if you want to see an overview of the tool you can watch this video where I explain how it's supposed to be used and what it does.
UI Theme 1.0 - Overview

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