Twitch Chat


This component is based on Elburz Twitch Chat component and extends the functionality for a more general purpose approach.

Before being able to use the TwitchChat component you have to get an oAuth token here:



To connect to the twitch-chat, enter your oauth-token, the channel you want to join and your account name in the OAuth Token, Channel and Nickname Parameters. Then turn the Active parameter to on.

Sending a message

Enter the message you want to send int to the Message to send parameter and pulse the Send parameter.

Receiving a message

Received messages will appended to the seconds output and display the author, the channel and the actual message.

filter message

To filter a message you first have to create a filter table with keywords and set the Preamble parameter. The component will now append filtered message when the message starts with the preamble and a keyword from the filtertable.It will also split the filter and the actual message.

using callbacks

This component also offers callbacks to automate processes even further. Pulse the Create Callbacks parameter on the callbacks page to create a docked callbackDAT.


This callback fires when you receive a message and gives you the author, channel and message in plain text as arguments.

filtered message

This calback fires when a message starts with preamble and a word from the filter-table.


additional methods

This component offers alot of additional functionality via custom methods to go even further.

#Send a message to the given channel. If channel or message are not defined, the parameter value is used.
SendMessage( channel = "", message = "")
#Join an additional channel which will then be also used to receive or send messages. If channel is not defined, the parameter value will be used.
JoinChannel( channel = "" )
#Clear the outputtables 




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