Timekeeper | work smarter, not harder


Timekeeper doubles as a time tracker and wellness applet that lives quietly in your title bar.

Instead of counting upwards to infinity like most time trackers, it counts down towards short and long rest intervals that are designed to increase your productivity and humanity.

Timekeeper was inspired by the Pomodoro technique. It encourages you to perform 25 minutes of work on a specified task, appended by 5 minutes of rest, for 4 sets at a time, with a 15 minute break in between each set of 4. (These values can be adjusted, of course.) It lives anywhere you want on your screen, with a minimal and unintrusive interface that expands to date selection and Listers for your workspace settings and time entries.

Work accomplished and settings are all happily externalized in JSON-friendly files in the lib/ folder.

Happy Time Tracking!



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