TD scripts v1.2: a Blender Add-on for Touchdesigner

Second update of our developed Blender Add-on: 'TD Scripts v1.2. This one has some improvements and bug fixes, but the main addition is the ability to:

- export animated camera's

Improvement, you no longer have to connect your textures directly to the principled shaders sockets. It will go through the node chain and look for the textures itself. We had a rough time with fbx exported animated camera's, we needed to reposition the camera slightly, but the parenting and Y-up conversion gave us headaches. This camera script will do all the conversion in the background and you'll end up with a CHOP containing the camera translations.

A 'FREE' release this version since it's in a development state. Future plans are releasing something like a free 'LIGHT' version and a Patreon only 'PRO' version with more additional scripts.

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