TD Scripts: a Blender Add-on for Touchdesigner

Herewith you'll find our recently developed Blender Add-on: 'TD Scripts v1.1.

We're currently seeking for opportunities to make the transition between Blender and Touchdesigner more fluid, especially within the export realm. It currently holds four scripts for exporting data from Blender into Touchdesigner:

- blender materials into PBR MATs

- camera positions and rotations converter

- rebuild of an object from Blender into SOP space into Touchdesigner

- a UV map exporter for checking the UV layout in Touchdesigner.


Of course this Add-on is highly under development so additional features, options and fixes to make the transition from Blender to Touchdesigner more fluid are on the top of our minds. If you have any suggestions, tips, ideas for a script or any kind of Blender/TD related thing that stands in your way that you'd like to be fixed, feel free to contact me anytime!

A 'FREE' release this version since it's in a development state. Future plans are releasing something like a free 'LIGHT' version and a Patreon only 'PRO' version with more additional scripts.

Asset Downloads