TD Initiative Library

One of the strengths of TouchDesigner, beyond its infinite possibilities, is its active community, always providing new tutorials and assets for everyone to learn, improve and explore new possibilities.


One of the things we realized while using TouchDesigner for our studies was that there was no easy way to centralize and share our TOXs with friends and other users on the internet. To answer this problem, we decided to consolidate some of our assets in a unique place easy to access, use, and on which anyone from the community could help and share its own assets.


Our solution is named TD Initiative Library and is a Github Repo where we provide assets made specifically for this purpose. 

We already provide some elements we believe could be useful for all newcomers and everyday users of TouchDesigner.


From handling MIDI channels for controlling elements, to TOP effects to spice up your vjing sets as well as other utilities such as JSON handling or a simple tempo handler for beat-synced effects. We want this library to help users build better, cleaner and more efficient networks, improving everyday work.


As of now, all the assets in the library are made by us, but we welcome everyone to share their assets and take part in it.


In the future, we would like to add more stuff such as a list of useful websites — like — as well as tips on how to improve your networks both structurally and performance-wise.


You can find the library here


Happy building everyone!