TD-Completes-Me. A Simple Auto-Completion Engine for TouchDesigner

Hello! I'm sharing an asset I've been working on for the past six months called TD-Completes-Me. It's a simple combo vscode extension and tox that attempts to bring auto-complete functionality to DAT editing via MS VSCode. Under the hood it runs a shim extension that implements the Language Server Protocal that talks via TCP to a TD extension comprised of a series of hacked together regular expressions and an ever growing number of list comprehesions.
It's named after my favourite plugin for VIM. YouCompleteMe


  • op('') provides a list of operator names relative to the curent text DAT being edited

  • get completions for CHOP channel names and DAT rows and cols!

  • parameter auto completion. get a list of availabe parameters by typing op('moviefilein1').par.

  • self.ownerComp is respected (as long as it's called ownerComp)


  • completions for custom extension and TD provided operator methods and members
  • completions for global operator shortcuts
  • support for me.parent() and op('../') methods
Check out the repo for more screenshots and installation instructions!
Thanks for checking this project out!

Asset Downloads