Tau Ceti Preset Engine

Just like the star Tau Ceti, the engine is the center of a broad variation of different other tools.
  • The Engine enables storing, recalling and editing presets for all kinds of components. The differrent companions all enhance the workflow of the engine in differrent way, suitable for every style of user. 
  • The Dashboard enables a grid to quickly store and recall presets for live situations.
  • The Cuelist can be used to recall presets in a given order with different timings per preset and is powerfull in rehearsed or fixed installation environments. Just like a moon, the CuelistProgressor can be use to trigger the cuelist automaticly.
  • The MidiBridge behaves similiar to the dashboard, but works with MidiNotes instead.
The concept of the engine is inspired by the way modern lighting desks handle their presets. You are not set for one component as a target, but instead you load parameters into the stack by drag and drop. When storing a preset, the engine looks up all the parameter currently in the stack and records the values. The timing is then later decided during recall. 
To add parameters to the stack you have 4 possibilities:
  • Drop a Parameter into the comp.
  • Drop a Component with custom pars to load all the custom pars into the stack.
  • Give your component a tag containing the keywoard preset. Now, when you change a parameter, it will be added to the stack automaticly.
  • You can load the stack from an already recorded preset.


When none of the given tools suit your needs feel free to create your own ones. Alot of the methods can be accesed by refferencing the engine operator. Some example method calls:

  • op('presetSaver').AddParToStack(par) to add a parameter to the stack.
  • op('presetSaver').StorePreset(presetname) to store a preset.
  • op('presetSaver').RecallPreset(presetname, time = mytime) to recall a preset. of the time is not given it will instantly jump the given value.

This component is free to use in a non commercial usecase.For integration into commercial projects, please contact me for licensing.

  • 2_195
    .Made in and exporting presets more robust.
    .Implemented a CleanPresets() method to cleanup existing presets of no longer existing refferences.
    .Stored expression now actually will be set at the end of the recall.
    .The Dashboard can now name presets directly on record.
    .Added the CueBuilder. This component can be used to put several presets together, but with distinct timings and curves. The CueBuilder can just be refferenced by the companions and features most of the same API as the others. So you can put that collection of presets in, for example, a cuelist.
    .Internal Bug Fixes.

  • 2_174
    .You can now also store expressions. The engine will fade in and out of  expressions.
    .You can edit the curves andadd your own ones.
    .The Dashboard and Midimapper now can get Tags to help organize your presets.
    .Organized the UI elements a little bit.
    .Updating the  Color of the Dashboard now works.
    .You can now store and load banks inside of the same Dashboard.
    .Randomizer got a nice button.
    .Dashboard got a button to map existing presets to a button.
    .You can now load all presets or filter presets via pattern matching to populate it.
    .Internal enhancements.
  • 2_113
    .Added an external storage parameter to define another comp to store the presets.
    .Stack now stays consistent over restarts and saves.
    .Cuelist, Dashboard and MidiMap now can define a preset that will be loaded before the actual recording takes place.
    .Updated the prompts in components to a modern version.
    .New Component Randomizer: Takes all parameter in the stack and assigns a random value between the min and max value of the parameter.
    .New Component Sequencer: Creates Sequences for single or looped playback.
    .New Component Stackloader: Searches the Project for specific Operators and adds the parameter to the stack.
    .Added Callbacks.
    .Minor Bugfixes.
  • 2:55
    .Added curved fading, You can choose between linear, s-curve, root and exponential.
    .Parameter now only get applied on recall, not while saving. This should fix the error when loading the Engine with some presets inside into another project. Non existing parameter will be ignored on recall.
  • 2_43
    .Switched to a new versioning. All the info is now in the component in parameters. Also now all important information will be displayed when dropped into the Palette.
    .The midiMapper is there in a first version without a UI. It only works with MidiNotes and siplays the current status via the Midi-Device LED's.
    .The stack of a preset can now autoload on recall to make busking easier.
  • 2_41
    .now works with a list insteadt of a dat.
    You can delete presets from the stack and change the behavior on recall

    .now runs on the listCOMP. Improvement in performance!
    .labeling a preset now sets the field into focus and reacts to enter.
    cuelist: .you can now select a cue which will be fired as the next cue when pressed go.
    .the behavior on end can be changed to either loop, jumping to the beginning on end, oder end, ending the progression when the last cue is reached.
    .record presets directly from the cuelist and name them.
    cuelistProgressor: .small component to automaticly progress the cuelist on a given time or on BPM-Speed.
  • 2_16
    .The fadetime is not dynamic and takes the cook time into consideration. With fluctuating FPS the fadetime will not change.
    .Fadetime of 0 is now Possible and instantly snaps to the wanted value.
    .You can now drop a Component into the stack to load all customparameters.
    .Recording will no longer autodelete the stack, but this is now a toggle in the menu.
    .You can now label the buttons in the dashboard.
    .Added a Cuelist.
  • 1_20
    .The companion is now more responsive and displays, if a preset exists, based on the preset-component.
    .You can now in- and export your stored presets. They are saved in a JSON.File and can also be edited from outside.
  • 1_16: 
    .You can now disable autocleanup of the parstack. 
    .Added a companion dashboard to use the presetsystem in faster fashion.
    .Update now actually does update all the values in the preset.



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