Tap Tempo / Tap Sync

The Beat CHOP and Timeline CHOPs are a handy way to generate regular sequential input for music-based projects. They depend on a Time COMP to set the BPM. You can of course set the BPM in the playback bar but I don't always know what the BPM I'm trying to match is. TD has the Beat Dialog but it requires you to tap every 4 beats to match the tempo, which is 1) not very intuitive and 2) doesn't really work when working in other time signatures like 3/4 or 6/8. So I developed my own tap tempo component (which in my mind is called tap sync).


In this component, you simply tap the Tap button eight or more times on the beat to set the tempo. You can target time COMPS other than the root by typing the path to a COMP with its own Time COMP in the Time Path field.


Update: 2021/11/4

Added input CHOP and custom paramaters

Updates and improvements will be hosted on github.


Asset Downloads

TapSync.tox (3.45 KB)
TapSync_V2.tox (5.81 KB)