sudoSignals Beta v2

Greetings Programs...

We’re back online, and welcome to the next round of sudoSignals.
We know we’ve been blowing up your inbox the last few weeks, but it’s finally time to see what we’ve been making. 

New Signals Landing Site

Many of you are friends and colleagues we’ve worked with over the years. You might already know us, but we wanted to make sure there was some polish on how we were presenting Signals, and this was a good place to have a nice clean refresh. The new site has links to downloads, support pages, a forum for signals, and lots of updated information. 

New Dashboard

The new Signals dashboard is a complete refresh on the ideas we had previously. Your installations are now presented as cards with information about if it’s online, and stats uploaded from the machine. The big idea here is that you can see all of your installations at once and if they’re online or need your attention.

Clicking on one of your installation cards brings up a view dedicated to that installation, with stats and controls at your fingertips.

Signals now runs as a service on your installation machine, and not only polls your operating system for performance metrics, but can also collect custom reports from your application. From the dashboard you can remotely start and stop the processes running on your installation, and even remotely control them with the help of plugins built to connect to Signals. 

TouchDesigner Plugin

We started this adventure with an eye on allowing TouchDesigner users to remotely control their installations, and we’ve stayed true to that idea by focusing on making a companion plugin that you can drag and drop into any TouchDesigner project you want to control with Signals.

Support Docs

So much has changed with Signals, that we’ve also created a read-the-docs style site for all of the technical and operational information you might need. Our new Docs page has links and step-by-step guides to getting you started, helping you configure signals, and adding plugins. 

Still Free

You might see that there’s a pricing page on the Signals site, but we’re still keeping sudoSignals free through this next round of beta testing. We’re hoping you have a chance to give this crazy idea a try, and think about if it might help you keep your projects out in the wild online and running. 

You are much appreciated

It’s been almost a year since we started getting this idea on its feet - from texts and facebook messages with all of you, to the random zoom call, you’ve helped us stay motivated and conjure a little server side magic. Our thanks go out to all of you. Please take some time to play with this new build, and reach out to us with your feedback and questions on the sudoSignals forum.

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