Stage Window


Coming from a media server background the main feature I've missed most getting into Touchdesigner is having the ability to lay elements out on a stage or workspace.  This multipurpose and highly customizable tool allows you to freely position media items and outputs within a blank workspace. Outputs are cameras that render the media items within it's bounds. 
It's built without any specific approach to playback in mind and meant to be used in a variety of settings- select a top from your network, lay it out on the canvas, and output it from a ortho camera capturing the stage.


Within the repo for this project I have two example so far demonstrating approaches for using it. The teaser image is from example two, the main tox just has a couple default items to start.


I've attached a link to the repo as well as a link to a tutorial video on how it works.


It's still a work in progress, but as it is, I feel it's useful enough to put it on here.

If you have any feedback or feature requests, let me know!