Speedy Shaker - Muti-layer compositing tool with GLSL processing



This is my small multi-layer tool to composite and color correct images.

This version has the correct handling of alpha and background other. It was working before, but was a little bit messed up.


What can it do? Well, glad you asked:


  • basic per layer transform and placement in the composite with user-definable order (not unlike Photoshop/Aftereffects)
  • per layer masks (linked with main raster or not - exactly like in Photoshop)
  • per layer basic color-correction that includes:
    • tint to color
    • level (transparency)
    • brightness
    • contrast
    • gamma
    • perceptual desaturation
    • saturation
  • per layer photoshop blending modes
  • per layer blending strength
  • per layer fast blur/bloom (very rough one)
  • dynamic GUI with up to 8 layers with masks
  • layer (re)ordering
  • fractional or absolute transform
  • couple of other user-friendly refinements...


Will make a walkthrough / tutorial later on.