Slamtec RPLidar support

TouchDesigner Slamtec Lidar support

CPlusPlus CHOP for TouchDesigner to read data from Slamtec Lidar. 



  • RPLIDAR A1 / A2 / A3 / S1 / S2 / S3 / C1

Allow use of network versions also as S2E.



  • Active: Connet to the lidar
  • Standart mode: By default, lidar will be connected with default mode (different for different versions). You can force it to connect in the standard mode by toggling this on.
  • Serial/TCP: Toggle between the serial and network versions of the lidar. 

For the serial version parameters:

  • COM port
  • Baudrate: choose the baud rate based on your lidar model (A1/A2/A3 - 115200, S2 - 1000000). Check documentation.

Network model parameters:

  • Switch between UDP/TCP connection
  • IP address
  • Network port

(Follow the documentation to your model to setup these parameters on the hardware)

  • Coordinate system: choose the type of data you want to work with



InfoDAT and InfoCHOP allow you to see the information of your hardware as supported modes/speed/motor control and hardware and firmware version as long as see additional log information from the sensor.

Demo use

In the toe file, there is an example of how to visualize your data. You can use the output of this as input top the blob tracking.

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