SENSING VOLUMES-Interactive multi sensory art installation


SENSING VOLUMES is a multisensory project with the question of accessibility at its core. It is inspired by the design of playgrounds and children’s urge to play and discover. The aim is to bring individuals of all ages, backgrounds and abilities into a space where they are empowered to explore and interact with their senses. In particular, the artist team focussed on exploring senses beyond sight, where participants can briefly disconnect from the overstimulation of visual media in modern life: for instance, where the reliance on the internet has created a reliance on visual media, which can increase everyday difficulties for the visually impaired.

The design of the installation includes cameras that capture the body movement on stage and allow these to be translated in real-time into light and sound. The audience is not required to handle or be aware of the technology, but instead, they can intuitively feel the connection between their movements and their other senses.

The SENSING VOLUMES project includes an interactive installation where participants can explore their senses, as well as three one-hour-long performances where a solo dancer engages with the installation and showcases its potential. The installation is designed to translate body movement on stage into sound, as well as sound into real-time lighting and visuals. This helps the audience to experience the performance as a whole, giving multiple pathways for exploring and participating in the work, despite any impairments or preferences across the senses. A big textile sculpture made of ropes will be an analog complement to the digital installation and can be moved and transformed by the audience. These elements provide a soft, tactile experience, inviting to take time and observe the overall playground.

The artists are designing performances, installations and workshops where sound, visual and movement become part of the same vocabulary. The Project itself is depending on the focus and on the environment curated with different parts or as a whole as in the description.



During the performance, a solo dancer will use the exact same setup while wearing a blindfold, to help them focus inwardly and to give them space to choose which stimuli to focus on. This simultaneously sets an intention for the whole space: inviting viewers to use blindfolds as well and to experiment with various senses. The inspiration for the performance comes from the solo dancer's experience as a dance teacher for blind people and people with visual impairment. 

On one hand, the installation aims to create a mesmerizing spectacle that works between various senses, while at the same time, specifically reaching out to audience members who might otherwise be overlooked in art spaces that favor one sense over the other.