Save time writing expressions with the ExprHotStrings component


Do you type absTime.seconds a bunch? So do I, and many other things. But I am lazy too, that’s why I wrote some lines of Python code in the form of this component to save you time typing!

In one column of this component's table you can define abbreviations, which when typed into a parameter expression box will expand to the text you define in the right column! Works inline too, for example if your abbreviation #pp → expands to parent().par you can write #pp.Customparam which will expand to parent().par.Customparam


- put this component anywhere in your project, I suggest placing it in root and adding it to your default startup project

- add new lines to the table

- first column is the abbreviation, suggest starting it with a unique character (like #)

- the second column is what it expands to when typed into a parameter expression

- when typing the abbreviation into the expression, finish it with hitting enter

- IMPORTANT: it only expands if you have your mouse over the expression box!!!



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