Sand & Steel

For Matt Thibideau's album 'r e c l u s i o n' release on bandcamp, I created this little video here:

It's not a very complicated network and the main technique used is an offset inside a feedback loop that is controlled by a Displace TOP. So instead of using a "constant" offset initiated via the transform paramter of the Transform TOP, I'm creating a map using Noise CHOPs (gives me better general control especially with the Constrain Parameters) that contains variable offsets for each pixel.



The inital "seed" for the loop comes from a Noise TOP that's being pushed through the Histogram Component from the Palette. Finally, the sharpen, rgbaDelay and Pixelate Components get some prime time as well. 


Title: Sand & Steel from the album 'r e c l u s i o n'

Recorded, Produced and Mixed at Repair-Lab by Matt Thibideau

Label: Obsolete Components

You can purcahse the album here:


Asset Downloads

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