Right Side Up - ArcBall COMP

Initial Controls:
lmb + drag = orbit (rotate around focal point)
mmb + drag = dolly (zoom)
rmb + drag = pan (move left/right up/down according to cameras local x/y plane orientation)

This component is meant to imitate the maya/max/blender style of arcball navigation, the main
characteristic I was after was preventing the camera from spinning around it's local Z axis
which is very disorienting and rarely useful in UI/UX situations.

Additionally, you can configure the style of viewport interaction you're after by setting
the orbit/pan/dolly/dollyWheel modifiers in the CONFIG page, as well as choose between
orthographic and perspective mode, by moving the Perspective to Orthographic slider to 0 or 1.

For ex, for a 2d viewport, you will want to set Orbit Modifier to Off, and Perspective to Ortho to 1.
for pan and dolly you may want to leave this as "on", or attach it to a modifier, like shift, alt, or ctrl.

This component should be 99% plug and play, you just need to specify which panel COMP that is driving this for
the parameter "Ref Container" , and turn on Use Mouse Wheel, and all three uv buttons (Left, Middle, Right)
See the above screen shot for more info.


"cam" below is the actual component you want to copy into your network, the rest
is just a testing environment.

Check the parameter pages, the CONTROL, CONFIG, and DEFAULTS
are meant to be configured by you, and the "data" tab is read only
meant to be used as state storage for when you initialize (click) an interaction.


Lucas Morgan