ResetPLS - One RESET To Rule Them All


This component takes care of all your reset needs, pulsing all 'resetpulse' or similar parameters of operators included in search.

You can enable or disable certain operator types (hope I didn't forget any). No more dragging a Keyboard In CHOP all across your networks!

You can also specify exceptions and whether those exceptions block further resets down the line (only relevant for COMPs).


  • Root: where opfindDAT should start the search
  • Limit Depth: enable limit how far opfind should search
  • Depth: Maximum depth of limit
  • Except: List of opeartor exceptions the search should ignore.
  • Exceptions Limit: only relevant for baseCOMP that are listed as Exception. If enabled all further operators under are also excluded. 
  • Enable/Disable All OPtypes: sets the state of all operator type toggles
  • Reset: Pulses reset parameter for all included operators


  • Individual toggles enabling/disabling certain operator types (only ones relevant for resetting listed)
    • Note for 'COMP' operators and 'Script TOP/CHOP/SOP/DAT': the component assumes a pulse parameter named 'Reset' or 'Resetpulse'. The list of assumed parameters can be edited under the 'Misc' parameter tab, clicking the Pulse 'Edit Custom Reset Pars'


  • Timeline: if enabled resets root timeline to frame 
  • Custom Script: toggles executing a custom script
  • Edit Custom Script: write your custom script here you want to run at every reset. The root of the script is inside the component.
  • Static Exceptions: you should list all pattern match strings here you want to exclude. 
    • A use-case for this is some common custom components such as the already present 'colour_lovers_picker'. 
    • You must prepend your string with a '^'.
    •  After adding more rows to this list you should re-save the component either as external tox or into your palette.
  • Edit Custom Reset Pars: List of parameter names assumed to be present in  'Base', 'Container', 'Script TOP/CHOP/SOP/DAT's. You can add more rows.

Asset Downloads

ResetPLS1.tox (6.27 KB)